Joe Hennen | Featured Athlete


Meet our new Featured Athlete - Joe Hennen! Read below to learn more about Joe, his interests, goals and why he believes activity-based fitness is beneficial in so many areas of his life.

Q. Share a little about yourself...

Joe: I graduated high school from Shakopee, MN and later on went to technical college in Bemidji. After school I got a job working as an electrician but called in sick a lot because the fish were just simply biting too well. My awesome family consists of parents Bill and Pam, sisters Kim and Kelly along with their husbands Justin and flatlander Mike, and my little nephews. My interests include anything outdoor-related like hunting, fishing, golfing, grilling, and other sports. 

Q. Do you mind sharing a little about your injury?

Joe: I broke my c5 vertebrae and severely bruised my spinal cord in a diving accident in northern Minnesota about 2 years ago.

Q. How long have you been training at Fit4Recovery?

Joe: About a year and a half, and it's the bomb!

Q. Before Fit4Recovery, what kind of training or therapy did you utilize?

Joe: I trained on a FES bike (electrical stimulation) and did some pool therapy, along with shoulder and core exercises. 

Q. How has Fit4Recovery benefitted you outside the gym?

Joe: Fit4recovery has simply done amazing things for me mentally and physically. I've become a lot more independent around my house and have made some great friends. It also really helps to keep me plugged into the SCI community. 

Q. What is your favorite exercise/movement in a training session?

Joe: My favorite/most beneficial exercise might be the EZ glider machine where you pump the arms and the legs move, like an elliptical. I really enjoy getting out of my chair for a few hours and stretching out. I'm also obsessed with the lacrosse ball.

Q. What training goals do you have - short term and long term?

Joe: To keep getting stronger and stronger especially in my core which will help make me more independent. Long-term goal would be for me and my friends to walk out of there and see Fit4Recovery close its doors because it's no longer necessary.

Q: One more, just for fun - what is your F4R nickname and how did you get it?

Joe: Sir Joseph. 🤙