Jake A.

"Being an athlete prior to my spinal cord injury, it has been extremely difficult adjusting to life with little functional movement. It's nice to be back in a gym environment giving 100% effort. At Fit 4 Recovery, Josh helps me to use the movement I do have to work through challenging exercises, while incorporating the non-functioning parts of my body as well. Everything we do is customized for ME and MY physical ability. However, what's most profound about Josh is that he works with me because he is truly passionate and wants me to reach the goals I set for myself."

-Jake A., C4 Quadriplegic


Kelsey P.

Working out with Josh is always a fun, innovative, and challenging experience. He never ceases to surprise me and put a smile on my face. It just proves that this is what he is supposed to be doing.
Being a C6 quadriplegic makes my movement very limited most of the time, but it’s so refreshing and freeing to see and feel my body move in some of the ways it used to. I used to be an athlete, yoga teacher, and dancer, so movement is a huge part of who I am. Honestly, doing Fit4Recovery changes me physically, mentally and emotionally. I definitely recommend giving this program a solid try. It’s worth it.”
-Kelsey P., Ms. Wheelchair MN 2014, C6 Quadriplegic since 7/12

Lynne D.

"I absolutely love working out at Fit 4 Recovery. Josh is always enthusiastic, encouraging, and motivating. He really pushes me to work hard and reach for physical goals that I thought were unobtainable (some of which I've started reaching!). It's always a great workout! I can tell that my shoulders & arms are stronger, my elbows & knees balance is better, and I don't have as much trouble with low blood pressure anymore. 
I'm not usually the type to gush, but I really feel blessed to have met Josh and that he was motivated to establish Fit 4 Recovery. I truly look forward to working out there every week and feel that I'm making noticeable progress. Thank you so much Josh (and thank you CrossFit Eden Prairie, too)!"
-Lynne D., C5 Quadriplegic